Legal Program 2020

Legal consultant in civil disputes 1
Contract drafting and its impact on winning court actions
Protective drafting of contracts 3
Drills on drafting and scrutinizing of government contract 4
Detection of loopholes and misrepresentation in contracts 5
Service contracts: consultant agreement, oil services, cleaning, security, transportation, and catering 6
Legal consultant in administrative disputes 7
Practical problems in tendering and procurement proceedings 8
Practical problems in contract preparation, drafting and implementation 9
Detection of corruption in contracts and government purchases 10
Certified Contract Manager (CCM) 11
Art of negotiation and contract dispute management 12
The latest international procurement methods 13
Public-private partnership agreements (concession agreement - BOOT agreement) 14
FIDIC contracts 15
Construction contracts 16
Drafting of consultant contract and terms of reference 17
Legal consultant in commercial disputes 18
Drafting of commercial contracts (sale, supply, agency, franchise, distribution, representation, etc.) 19
Protection of trademarks 20
Protection of intellectual property and drafting related contracts and related clauses 21
Principles of investigation in employees’ violations and disciplinary rules 22
Principles of investigation in crime reporting, complaints, and grievances 23
Methods of administrative investigation, interrogation and evidence gathering 24
The latest approaches in legal writing and legal analysis 25
Writing of law memorandum and legal fatwa (official opinion) 26
Developing the skills of the managers and members of legal departments 27
Practical problems in statutory and contract interpretation 28
Techniques of legal drafting and developing related legal skills 29
Techniques of bill making and drafting 30
Techniques of regulation drafting 31
Techniques of bill scrutiny 32
Regulatory impact analysis 33
Technical and legal principles of law amendment 34
Drafting of national laws implementing regional and international conventions 35
Drafting of memorandum of understanding, letters of intent, negotiation and preliminary agreements 36
Drafting laws/decrees creating public and private entities and their bylaws 37
Corporate and public corporation governance 38
Drafting of policies and procedures 39
Work rules and regulations 40
Administrative decision drafting: basic elements and ways of appeal 41
Writing administrative decisions, work orders, circulars and bulletins 42
Writing research, studies, reports and internal memos 43
Developing the skills of office managers and secretaries 44
Legal consultant in employees’ and HR affairs 45
Legal expert in labor disputes and labor contracts 46
Developing the legal skills of HR, procurement, administrative and financial staff members 47
The latest systems of pension, retirement and social insurance 48
Examining a lawsuit and writing a memorandum of law 49
Limits of judge’s discretionary power 50
Writing court judgment, decisions of administrative committees and arbitral awards 51
Judicial case management 52
Hearing session management and rules of case filing 53
Valid, invalid and non-existent judgment 54
Preparation of lawsuits file, defences and evidence 55
Developing lawyers' skills in administrative and civil actions 56
Developing lawyers' skills in criminal actions 57
The art of verbal and written legal argument 58
Writing complaints, statements of claims, and statements of defense 59
Appeals from judgments to the court of appeal and dispute committees 60
Challenging judgments before the court of cassation 61
Writing arbitration clause, submission agreement, request for/notice of arbitration, arbitral briefs, arbitral award and arbitrators’ terms of reference. 62
Arbitration rules and procedures 63
Arbitration in administrative disputes 64
Arbitration in investment disputes and FIDIC contracts 65
Action for nullity of arbitral award 66
Stock-market crimes and methods of legal protection 67
Investigation and prosecution in capital market violations 68
Securities-related disputes and methods of settlement 69
The legal and protective procedures for money-laundry prevention 70
Economic crimes and methods of prevention 71
Electronic crimes and methods of detection, proving and prevention 72
Banks-related contracts 73
Disputes related to bank transactions and methods of settlement 74
Disputes related to real-estate finance and leasing-finance 75
Regulatory compliance 76
Prevention of crimes of assault on public property (embezzlement, bribery, willful damage, wasting public funds, etc.) 77
Prevention of financial fraud crimes (stealing private money, breach of trust, forgery and counterfeit) 78
Developing the skills of judicial and administrative law enforcement officers in oversight, inspection and investigation 79
Excellence and creativity in practicing the law profession 80
Using artificial intelligence in legal practice 81
Electronic management of the legal departments and law firms 82
E-contract: Making contracts through e-mail, chatting rooms, fax and telephone 83
Reading, drafting and scrutinizing contracts in English 84