Administrative Development Program 2020

Course List
Creating and managing databases 1
Modern methods of archiving 2
Techniques of preparation of indexing, classification and coding 3
Mechanism of document handling and standard of performance 4
Securing information stored in computers, networks and websites 5
Total quality management 6
Excellence in quality management, follow-up and control 7
Administrative development by using SIGMA-6 8
Indicators of performance measurement 9
Developing planning, supervision, and follow-up skills 10
HR planning and management 11
The best practices for empowerment and improving performance 12
Strategic planning and decision-making 13
Improving employees’ performance and preparing future leaders 14
Qualifying intermediate leaders and developing their administrative and executive skills 15
Excellence and creativity in solving managerial problems 16
The art of dealing with stakeholders 17
The best practices for simplifying work procedures 18
Forming working teams and managing group work 19
Developing presentation, communication and PR skills 20
Managing conflicts, disputes and work pressures 21
Skills of good communication and dealing with difficult people 22
Self-management and leading other persons 23
Social intelligence and its impact on managerial development 24
Improving employees’ behavior and self-development 25
Using IT in business development 26
E-management of HR and employees’ departments 27
Using website and social media in business management and development 28
Using the social media in building the organization’s image 29
Preparation of job description and organizational structure 30
Developing the skills of secretaries and office managers 31
Professional office manager 32
Professional administrative assistant 33
Writing official letters, reports, abstracts and meeting minutes 34
Dealing with complaints and achieving customer’s satisfaction 35
Digital transformation and artificial intelligence 36
Artificial intelligence and its role in developing transportation sector 37
Artificial intelligence and its role in developing healthcare sector 38
Artificial intelligence and its role in developing education 39
Artificial intelligence and its role in developing business 40